Published: Salem Weekly


The Salem Weekly, the arts and entertainment newspaper of our state capitol, covers the local arts, music and film scene. Dani Photography was featured in their latest publication.

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Discs & Flash Drives. Packaging Materials.


Thinking lately about the importance of presentation, and the quality of products my clients deserve after their photo sessions, I’ve been working hard to step up the look and feel of my packaging.

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Susannah + Peter. Engagement Portraits.


Braving the ominous weather forecast, Susannah and Peter decided to move forward with our shoot. While we didn’t get blue skies, we got a few hours of dry weather and hearty laughs.

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Heirloom Woodworks Dining Table. Commercial.


Having worked with Heirloom Woodworks before, I love getting to see their latest projects. Showing their handcrafted work in the best light is very rewarding every time.

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Metal Prints at Rountree Art Gallery.


When preparing for my display at the Rountree Art Gallery, I chose to present all three pieces in my ‘As Yet Untitled’ Wonderland series, vibrantly reproduced on large sheets of metal.

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Erica, Part Two, the Storybook. Expecting Parents.

Erica and Yuya had a unique vision for their maternity photography. They wanted the nostalgic feel of a storybook fairy tale, a theme that could be carried throughout baby Nate’s newborn photos.

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