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What do I love most about photography? Well, to be honest, there are literally a million little things I love about photography. But ONE of those favorite pieces of the puzzle is: sharing skills that I’ve learned along the way. I love to learn new photography techniques, I love to share that knowledge with other photographers, and I love to drink coffee. Those three things wrapped up into a one-on-one mentoring session? What are we waiting for!

Now that I have my own studio space to host sessions, I am offering fully customizable mentoring sessions to meet your needs and interests. Sessions can be mixed and matched, please don’t be afraid to ask!

So what does a one-on-one mentoring session include? Like I mentioned earlier, it will be customized to meet your specific photographic needs and interests. Rates will cover our initial meeting to discuss your needs, a certain number of hours of intensive one-on-one mentoring time, and a custom-designed magazine-style PDF guide of topics covered in our session.

the basics … $325

  • 4-hour mentoring, including coffee and snack
  • Photography: Where do I start?
  • Exposure: Painting with light
  • Through the viewfinder: Composing your shots
  • When to break the ‘rules’ of composition
  • Thinking for yourself: Taking your camera off ‘auto’
  • f/1.2 or f/12: Using your aperture
  • Differences between metering modes
  • Achieving accurate white balance
  • Sensitivity: Understanding ISO
  • Speed Shooting: Stopping Motion
  • Different lenses for different results
  • The Artistic Eye: Getting Creative

lighting & styling intensive … $450

  • 6-hour intensive, including coffee and lunch
  • Two fully styled modeling shoots
  • Introduction to posing and communication
  • Taking advantage of natural light
  • Learning to use your Pocket Wizards
  • Dramatic portraits with one light
  • Using wireless speedlight techniques
  • Using studio lighting techniques
  • But you have the sun… why would you bring lights outside?
  • Diffusers: Softbox vs. Beautydish vs. Umbrella
  • Incorporating your surroundings into your portraits
  • Telling a story with your images

lighting mini-intensive … $325

  • 3-hour intensive, including coffee and snack
  • Introduction to posing and communication
  • Best practices for working with your clients
  • Keeping them comfortable in front of your lens
  • Taking advantage of natural light
  • Learning to use your Pocket Wizards
  • Dramatic portraits with one light
  • Diffusers: Softbox vs. Beautydish vs. Umbrella

after the shoot: Lightroom & Photoshop processing … $325

  • 4-hour intensive, including coffee and snack
  • After the shoot: Lightroom 4 & Photoshop CS5
  • Editing manually vs. Actions vs. Presets
  • Simple beauty retouching
  • Dramatic beauty retouching
  • Advanced Photoshop techniques
  • Incorporating textures into your images
  • Getting the most out of black and white conversions

business practices … $325

  • 3-hour mentoring review
  • Review of your marketing materials & advertising strategies
  • Review of your company branding & website
  • Review of your current portfolio
  • Tips for building a stronger portfolio
  • Creative uses of social media
  • Building a client base
  • When are you ready to launch your business?

If you’re interested in discussing your options, and want to customize a session specific to you, I can’t wait to hear from you! Please contact me through the ‘contact‘ page here on my website.

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